Sunday, November 8, 2015

AEP boats gather on Lower Miss

AEP has yet to announce it has closed the sale of its river transportation division to ACBL, although it is supposed to happen sometime this month. But a lot of AEP boats are gathered at or near Mile 155 on the Lower Mississippi, so we can assume the signing of the papers is near.

Meanwhile, Adam and I were in the Point Pleasant WV area yesterday, so we decided to head up to Cheshire OH to see what we could see over at the AEP dock at Lakin WV. As it turned out, not a lot other than the motor vessels Roger W. Kenney and the Chuck Zebula doing some kind of dance as the smaller boat appeared to be moving out of the way of the larger one, perhaps by coincidence as it was picking up barges, or perhaps not.

We also got to see the M/V Detroit in a nice spot yesterday. More on that later.