Friday, April 14, 2023

Markland Locks and Dam

Almost 13 years had passed since I had last seen the Markland Locks and Dam and crossed the bridge on it. I'd wanted to go back, and I did get close a time or two, but I never made it. When I did get there last week, the river was up and running swift, and the weather was not that great for sightseeing or photography. But I did get a few images, although none I can really say are of the quality I had hoped for after 13 years.

One thing that disappointed me was that someone had painted the 55-gallon steel barrels used as trash cans at the park on the Indiana side. In 2010, they bore the spray-painted warning "No fish in trash." Alas, no more.

I don't know when I'll make it back down there if ever. I have about a half dozen other things on my Ohio River bucket list, and those are what I might be able to afford. It would be nice to put "Ride the American Queen" on that list. With my financial situation and other needs, that's not happening.

But it was nice to see the dam again.