Sunday, December 18, 2011

Three items in the news

Evansville's bicentennial isn't until March 27, but the celebration begins today.


An endangered species of mussel has been found in the Ohio River in western Kentucky.


A day or two ago, I mentioned a natural gas processing plant being built along the river near the town of Natrium, between the West Virginia cities of Moundsville and New Martinsville. Here's more from the Wheeling newspapers.

The mouth of the Kanawha

Adam and I went up the Ohio River to his grandma's house today. We didn't see much that we could photograph on the Ohio -- the boats we saw were in bad shooting spots or were obstructed. But we did see some on the Kanawha when we got to Point Pleasant. Here are a few.

The Norman L. Snodgrass

The Martha Mac

The O. Nelson Jones. This boat originally was the L. Fiore of the Ohio River Co. and later the Pennsylvania when it was acquired by AmherstMadison.

Adam said Vessel Locations indicates this would be the William E. Porter.