Saturday, August 25, 2018

Getting back on schedule

Sorry for the delay in the next segment of the Olmsted Locks and Dam saga, but it's been busy around here this past week. My son started university, my wife went back to college and I've been pretty much responsible for getting my granddaughter to and from kindergarten in a different attendance district. Those are just the things I can talk about before you all start thinking I'm whining.

On top of all that, I had to polish an article for The Waterways Journal. The same day I submitted the final form of that piece, I get a call from Marshall University saying the person who was supposed to teach a class in copyediting this semester wouldn't be showing up and would I be interested. I figured they must have been desperate to ask me, so I said sure. My first class would be the next day. I still have a syllabus to write and other stuff to do before the class meets again.

So that's why blogging has been light. That and I seem to have lost the memory card with a couple of towboat pictures I got this week. But there is this one to keep you entertained — I hope.

The plan now is to have the second installment of Olmsted up before the end of this weekend. That assumes life does not get in the way of my plans again. You never  know.