Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye-bye, 2013

I probably won't stay up to welcome the new year. I've seen a lot of New Year's Eves in my day. Maybe I should, because other than the joy my new granddaughter brought me this year, 2013 has been like that tickle in my throat that makes my cough, the hangnail in your life and I can't bite it off (with apologies to Hoyt Axton).

So what river picture of 2013? Probably this one, taken at the supposed mouth of the Ohio at Cairo, Ill., on Memorial Day weekend.

I say supposed mouth because ... well, I've griped enough about how the Ohio is really bigger than the Mississippi here.

Just because a map says the Ohio River ends here doesn't make it so. And just because a calendar says tomorrow morning will be that much different doesn't make it so, either. But a new year brings new opportunities, and I plan to take advantage of a few that are coming my way, and more that I will have to work on myself.

So from the Ohio River Blog, have a great 2014.