Friday, May 29, 2009


My 9-year-old son, Adam, has been disappointed that we were not able to make it to Pomeroy OH to see any part of the old Pomeroy-Mason Bridge demolished by explosives. The last steel came down yesterday, according to the Point Pleasant Register.

But there's hope we could get to see the concrete piers removed. Prep work will take a few weeks. If I'm still looking for work or if I'm freelancing, we might be able to get up there if we know when the blasting will take place.

Marina moved

Yesterday afternoon, after dropping my daughter and her friend off at Pullman Square, I wandered over to Harris Riverfront Park to look around. I saw this and thought a dredge was about to clean mud from the park dock area.  I looked again and realized it was a marina.

The first thought in my head was that these slips came from the one up at Guyandotte that sank a while back. The boat pushing them was a local boat -- not made for a lot of long-distance trips. This morning on the 6 a.m. news, WSAZ-TV reported that it was indeed from Guyandotte, and that this dock will be added to the one already at the upper end of HRP.

Kid's pics

You hand your 9-year-old son your camera and tell him to take a picture of a towboat, and he might want to get creative. That's what happened this April at Virginia Point Park at Kenova WV when Adam and I went down there to look for towboats. He saw the George King sitting in the water near the shore, and this is what he did.

He also saw the Dreama Klaiber coming out of the Big Sandy turning downriver toward Catlettsburg, Ky., so he got  few snaps of it, too.

That's Catlettsburg behind the boat, of course.

The kid likes taking pictures of towboats. And school buses. And about any other piece of large transportation equipment he sees. Kind of like his father.