Monday, September 12, 2011

News items come in threes

This seems to make sense, from the Courier & Press of Evansville: Southern Indiana lawmakers with districts along the Ohio River are planning a new legislative caucus to represent the region’s distinct interests and push for infrastructure funding and other projects.


Like nobody saw that coming: You take a bridge that normally handles 90,00 cars a day out of service, and the morning commute becomes a nightmare.


I almost envy people in the Wheeling area this fall. Today, they got to see an old bridge over the Ohio River demolished by explosives. And there could be two more in the area before the end of this year. The best thing about such demolitions is the sight. First you see the puffs of smoke, then you hear the blast and feel the shock wave.

Here's some news footage from WTRF-TV in Wheeling.

Disclosure: WRTF is owned by the company that I work for, but I'm linking to its video because it was the only one that I found.