Monday, November 1, 2010

A big spill in Louisville

Namely, 4.1 million gallons of sewage .

Who I want to vote for

I was walking Adam down to the bus stop this morning. We talked about how there's no school tomorrow because of Election Day. He asked who I planned to vote for.

Me: "I'd like to vote for John Ladd Dean."

Adam: "Or L. Fiore? Robert P. Tibolt? Not Orco. Chuck Zebula?"

It went on like that for a minute or so.

mv. Bridget Caulley

If you were to ask me how often the towboat Bridget Caulley is in the Huntington area, I'd guess maybe once every week or two. I don't know that for sure, as I don't track its movements. But I do know that it's a frequent visitor to this area.

This morning I saw it again. I was crossing the Nick J. Rahall II bridge over into Ohio to take care of something for an upcoming birthday party, so I swung over to the park and senior citizens center at old Lock and Dam 28 to see what boat that was coming up the Ohio River, and of course it was the Caulley.

I got several pictures of it there, including these two.

Then I went up to downtown Huntington, where I got up on the Robert C. Byrd Bridge to get shots of the boat from above.

Oh, I never made it to my destination in Ohio. I'll go back there later in the week perhaps. With the time I'd spent chasing the Caulley, I was running short on time to do some grocery shopping.

FWIW, those four gray cylinders in the two barges closest to the boat were marked as hauling propylene oxide.