Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yvonne Conway again

After I had posted the other photos of the Yvonne Conway passing Huntington WV today, I looked at some of the others that I took from the sidewalk on the 6th Street bridge. I had enlarged one picture to get a positive ID on the boat, but as I did that, I noticed several things about it that I liked.

This picture was taken at the limits of my equipment and my software, but it still works for me. I don't get this good of a photo from this angle very often.

But the best part to me is that the Yvonne Conway, from this angle, is about the same width as a jumbo barge. Thus, you see the boat and the outer two ranks (chess term; I don't know the proper river term) of barges -- timberheads and all. You see how the piles of coal curve. And you see the turbulence caused by the propellers.

Anyway, I like this shot, and it's probably going into my picture album of Top Ten of July 2009. 

Yvonne Conway

The Yvonne Conway of Crounse Corp. passed Huntington today, downbound with 12 loads of coal.

I had to get this shot of how these barges were tied together.

Going under one bridge...

... and heading toward another.