Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leftovers, part 1

I've been in a rut lately. So this evening I got out all my memory cards and looked at photos I took this past summer. I found several that didn't make the cut for other posts, but they are okay photos otherwise. So over the next day or two or three, depending on how I feel about these pictures as I look at them several times, I'll be putting up leftovers from this past summer.

We start with these three.

Here a person operates a personal watercraft on the Ohio River at Ironton, Ohio. That's the Ironton-Russell Bridge, the first highway bridge over the river between Wheeling and Cincinnati, in the background.

Here's the Crounse Corp. towboat Linda Reed heading up the Ohio River at Greenup, Ky., with 25 barges. Normally, the maximum tow size on the Ohio is 15 barges, but this summer several companies moved oversize tows for whatever reasons.

And here's the stack logo of a Marquette Transportation towboat. I don't know why, but I like this design.