Friday, November 4, 2011

Sistersville ferry needs money

The ferry at Sistersville, W.Va., is  having some financial problems, and the mayor wants the state Legislature to appropriate some money to keep it going.

For some reason, I can't load a photo with this entry,  but there's a photo on the link.

That photo one I took back in July. I posted it on Facebook, and we got a conversation going about ferries on the Ohio. Here is one of my comments about the Sistersville ferry in particular:

Mark, the guy who collected the money on the Sistersville ferry said he was glad to be back on the river. He said they ran onily two days last week. While I was on the ferry, I talked with a local (a Marshall grad, by coincidence) who said whenever he has an out-of-town visitor, they always want to ride the ferry.