Sunday, October 2, 2011

After a long wait, success

There is a class of boats used by AEP that I just haven't been able to get a nice photo of. They're the boats built in the 1990s, and they do a lot of work north of the Kanawha River. I've gotten some decent pictures of them before, and I got one once that I was disappointed with until I examined it as a learning experience.

Here's that picture. This is the Jeffrey A. Raike, seen north of Huntington.

It's okay, but nothing special. The water was choppy, and the midday sun washed out a lot of colors. The main thing to me, though, was the barge tow. To me, it wasn't interesting visually.

Yesterday, I saw the Roger W. Keeney, in the rain and chill as it was turning from the Ohio River to enter the Kanawha. The loaded coal barges lie low in the water, allowing a view of the boat. Look close and you can see a couple of deckhands in rain parkas.

And you can see what looks like fog at the water line. But it's not fog. It's rain or water drops lifted from the river surface blown along by the wind.

So finally I have a picture of this class of boat that I really like.