Saturday, December 29, 2018

Another big load, and other boats, too

The M/V Mister Mac brought another piece of the Shell cracker plant through my home area today. I figured that while I was out getting pictures of it, I would grab a few shots of other boats, too.

Such as the Pat Voss at the Marathon Petroleum fleet.

(I almost said Ashland Oil. Old habits die hard.).

The Capt. Tommy Parrish at what once was Merdie Boggs'.

Here comes the Mister Mac through Catlettsburg harbor.

Later as it passes Athalia, Ohio.

The M/V The Caroline downbound after encountering the Mister Mac.

And the Mister Mac again between Miller and Crown City, Ohio, in an area my father called The Narrows.

Soon I hope to share some thoughts about the future of this blog. I hope both of my regular readers will find it interesting.