Thursday, June 4, 2009

Muskrat or groundhog

I got this photo tonight at a boat ramp along the river, and I realized two things:

1. I can't tell the difference between a groundhog and a muskrat.

2. I need to make sure my camera has the right settings before I shoot in low light, or else I'll get an out-of-focus picture like this.


The other day I saw a small sapling taking root at the shoreline of the Ohio River. I wondered if it would survive or die. I got this shot with the idea of cropping it and focusing on the micro-tree, but when I viewed the photo large, I was more interested in the texture of the river's surface near the land-water interface. This is the full-frame photo.

For several months, I've studied the texture of the Ohio River surface and the various shapes in which the river deposits and forms mud. More on both later, perhaps.

Tom Cook

This was the small towboat that pushed the marina dock from the upper end of Huntington to its new home downtown.