Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another snow day

Three more photos from the winter that will never end.

First, one of the photos required by West Virginia state law. This is Harris Riverfront Park in Huntington. People usually shoot these trees in summer, when the leaves are green, or in fall, when they change color. Here, we have bare trees and no green grass in sight.

Turning around 180 degrees, this is the seating area along the riverfront, with the 6th Street bridge in the background. In summer, this is green grass, concrete and people hanging around. It's a teen gathering spot on warm evenings. Here, nothing but a few footsteps in the snow.

The park wasn't entirely deserted, though. This guy decided to take a walk on the upper level.

Even with a cloudy late afternoon and darkness coming on, I had to get a shot of my favorite bridge. This is a color photo, but it looks like it's in black and white. It was that kind of afternoon.