Thursday, September 24, 2015

More stuff you might have missed

The Delta Queen has a new home port. It's on the Mississippi.

And American Commercial Line has gone back to its former name, American Commercial Barge Line.

News roundup and more, 9/24/2015

I'm a fastball hitter. Life his figured that out and thrown me a lot of curves lately. So let's get some housekeeping done before I take some time off to get things straightened out.

First, the Waterways Journal says it's about to publish my story and/or photos from the christening of the M/V Findlay earlier this month. When I get my copy in the mail, I'll post some pictures.

Now on to the news and more:

I was down at the river this morning shortly after sunrise. The air was cool, and there were still strands of the blue-green algae hugging the shore. I don't know what it was like farther out in the channel. According to this report, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management is warning about recreational contact of river water as far down as the Cannelton Locks and Dam.

There has been Facebook chatter about a huge backup at Locks and Dam 52 down at Paducah. The Wall Street Journal did a piece about it. Corn growers say the shutdown of the main lock at 52 couldn't have come at a worse time.

And it looks like a new bridge in the Steubenville, Ohio, area could be under construction by the end of next year.