Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In the news, 4/22/14 (updated)

Via Facebook friend and AEP pilot Mark Kincaid, here's a link to a trade publication story on AEP's move into the tank barge business.


The group that owns the World War II tank and troop transport vessel LST-325 is talking about finding a new port other than Evansville for the vessel. Here's another take on the same story.


And it looks like resolving the question of when the overused Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati will be replaced has been put off for another year. The question is tolls. Some people in Northern Kentucky don't want them, but when Mitch McConnell says it will have to have tolls, that may mean something.


From public radio WESA in Pittsburgh:

The Ohio River appears on many lists as one of the nation’s most polluted waterways. In an effort to heal the river, a group of indigenous women and others will walk the span of the river starting from Point State Park on Earth Day. ...

The “Nibi Walk” is 981 miles and is expected to take 35 days to complete.

If I read road maps correctly (I really don't like GPS), in the lower Ohio there are long stretches where there is no road next to the river, so I don't know many miles the river walkers will actually travel. But I will try to catch up to them when they come through my area if I can.


Ashland, Ky., has a nice park beside the Ohio River. It provides a good backdrop for getting boat pictures, too. And this spring for the first time it will be the setting for the city's Paul G. Blazer High School graduation ceremony.

Blazer, for whom the Marathon Petroleum towboat is named, founded what became Ashland Oil.