Friday, August 28, 2015

Annie reaches Huntington

I was on Facebook tonight when Jeff Kovatch, a biology professor at Marshall University, sent me a note telling me to get myself to Harris Riverfront Park, where the Annie was tied up.

I got there as darkness fell, but I managed to get a few shots of the boat.

The park had several visitors this evening, and a lot of them made a point of walking by the boat and getting a close look. A fellow who got off the boat told me the dog on it is named Hillary. I said that would explain why it barked at me earlier. It must have known my parents were lifelong Republicans, although a great-grandfather on my father's side supposedly was a player in the Democratic Party in Cincinnati many, many years ago.

The Annie may look like a converted coastal tug from the front, but it was handbuilt over a period of more than a dozen years. Its owners live in Alabama, and they are on their way to Pittsburgh. They document their travels in a blog called Voyages of Annie.

I got to talk with them briefly tonight, and I'm supposed to see them again tomorrow.