Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo show postponed (probably)

For those of you in the Huntington WV area, my talk on photographing the Ohio River -- scheduled for tomorrow night -- probably will be canceled. There's a possibility the parking lot will be under three feet of water. And if it's not, the river will be awfully close to the top of the bank and too hazardous for the public.

If it's postponed, I'll let you all know.

Another story on the Portsmouth, Ohio, drug problem

I can remember when Portsmouth, Ohio, was an industrial city with a variety of factories making a variety of products. Most prominent were the steel mills that must have occupied a couple miles or more along the Ohio River front. Now most of the factories are gone, and Portsmouth is famous for being the poster child city for prescription drug abuse.

The latest story on the topic is this one from The Plain Dealer of Cleveland.