Saturday, December 12, 2015

Two boats on a gray morning (updated)

I saw them both, one at sunrise and the other little after.

In this first shot, in which I did not get the name of the boat, I liked the wave formed by the one lead box barge.


After the first boat went down the river, the M/V Cincinnati came up the river. I didn't get the picture I wanted because it was moving faster than I expected. But this one works anyway.

UPDATE: I'm not sure, but I think the boat in the top three pictures was the M/V James E. Anderson.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photo,as a deckhand a long time ago,I can tell you this <I hated to see a spike like that,and a box end made it worse,one mis step on a lump of coal,and you are in the river. There's not much room on the box end to make a mistake either,so if you go off the front you have 195 ft, until you go under the rake of the next one back.If a young deckhand reads this and you are put in this position,be very careful.