Monday, June 22, 2009


About a year ago (July 10, 2008, to be exact), my family and I went on a day trip to Augusta KY so we could ride the ferry across the Ohio River and so I could see the old suspension bridge at Maysville KY again. Maysville was okay, but every stop on down was marred by all the mayflies that swarmed along the river bank.

Today, after checking in at the unemployment office to take care of something, I went to Virginia Point Park at Kenova WV, where the Big Sandy River flows into the Ohio and the three states come together. The mayflies were swarming there.

At times I had difficulty walking near the top of the river bank because the air was so thick with these long little critters. They didn't bite or anything like that. They just flew around all over the place and into you.

I tried with varying success to get a decent picture of them until I came across a spider web. On it I counted at least 33 mayflies. Most were dead, but a few were still  moving their wings, trying without success to break free.

Yeah, some spider is gonna eat good tonight.

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tanstaafl said...

OK. So I read other people's blogs too. And it just seems strange to me that one is talking about 33 headless bodies and you are talking about 33 mayflies. I realize your mayflies do still have their heads attached but the number is one that cannot just be lightly pulled out of the air.

So as a numerologist, I start looking at these things and I see a pattern here. If I add those 33 mayflies (or headless bodies) to the age of the other blogger and subtract the three of us I get my own age. And since the ultimate answer to every question in the universe is three, (see, there are three of us) if I take my age and subtract one (that would be for me, I am one)that gives me a number exactly divisible by three, and when I add the two numbers in the result of that division I get a number , which if I subtract three from, I end up with one (which again represents me.) Which only goes to prove that as stated, three is the ultimate answer to every possible question in the universe. Except one. Am I crazy?