Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yvonne Conway again

After I had posted the other photos of the Yvonne Conway passing Huntington WV today, I looked at some of the others that I took from the sidewalk on the 6th Street bridge. I had enlarged one picture to get a positive ID on the boat, but as I did that, I noticed several things about it that I liked.

This picture was taken at the limits of my equipment and my software, but it still works for me. I don't get this good of a photo from this angle very often.

But the best part to me is that the Yvonne Conway, from this angle, is about the same width as a jumbo barge. Thus, you see the boat and the outer two ranks (chess term; I don't know the proper river term) of barges -- timberheads and all. You see how the piles of coal curve. And you see the turbulence caused by the propellers.

Anyway, I like this shot, and it's probably going into my picture album of Top Ten of July 2009. 

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tanstaafl said...

When I first saw this one, I immediately was taken back to the old Adam West series--'BATMAN'--just need a little more angle on the sides!