Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another fine summer morning ...

... this time with enough fog to make the landscape more interesting.

A tree, or what's left of one.

My favorite bridge reflecting the morning sun, and its mirror image in the still, low waters of the Ohio River.

The bridge reflected, closer.

Finally, the mouth of the Guyandotte River.


tanstaafl said...

I call my daughter the "Mouth of Melissa" but I guess that doesn't count when you can see a whole river, huh? But I don see no teeth in that mouth, Paw! Shut up, son, this IS West Virginia.

michelle said...

Oh, those are beautiful. At first I thought the first one was my favorite, but the last one is really neat in that you can barely make out the break between real and reflection. So...this time the last one is my favorite :)