Monday, August 3, 2009

Archive search

I went through all my old slides today and found some gems. Lacking a scanner, I decided to see h0w it would look if I took a photo of a slide projected upon a plain sheet of paper. As I expected, not the best.

Anyway, here are two photos from my experiment. One is of a Halter (or Hartley) boat (I think) preparing the enter the old locks at Gallipolis in 1985. The other is an M/G boat downbound after leaving the locks around that same time.

Now the hard part is finding the ones most suitable for publication and preparing said publication.


michelle said...

Hey! That's pretty cool, really. I didn't know you could photograph slides like that, and those look pretty darn good if you ask me (though I'm certainly no professional to judge).

That's really neat! My mom, back in the seventies and eighties, took a lot of pictures of the river and the boats. She loved the river as much as I did (I think that's where I got it, actually), and I sure wish I had a lot of them to give you. She would have loved your new blog, and especially loved any older pictures. LOL, you'd have inspired her to drag me all up and down the river so she could take pictures to share with you.

Anyway...I really like the second picture you posted. I think it's the smoke. Makes it obvious it's a workhorse in action. I really do like that one, very much.

Unknown said...

Great shots from your archives, looking forward to seeing more. That boat the top looks like a Jeffboat boat to me...that red stripe around the name and tank barges in tow makes me think it is either the Warren W. Hines or James G. Hines.