Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mv. J.S. Lewis

The J.S. Lewis is one of my favorite towboats to shoot simply because it is so old. It went into service in 1931 as the Vesta. Over the years, its name was changed and it was converted from burning coal to using diesel fuel.

You don't see the boat out very much. The time I'm mostly likely to see it is when it's needed for special events, such as the Tribute to the River last weekend at Point Pleasant WV.

First, here's my youngest, who will be 10 years old soon, sitting at the sticks in the pilothouse.

Here is one of the boat's' two engines.

An external view, taken as the sun was getting  close to setting.

And the J.S Lewis as seen from the mv. Mountain State.

Finally,  the bell at the front, which bears the boat's original name.

I told Adam that my grandmother's name was Vesta. She died when I was about the age Adam is now. We weren't close or anything like that. I can't even recall having a conversation with her. But the bell did give us a chance to talk about our family history.

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