Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Becky Thatcher leaves Marietta (updated)

The showboat Becky Thatcher has left Marietta, Ohio, for its new home in Pittsburgh. Flickr user gb_packard has some pretty good photos of the old boat leaving Marietta on his photostream, which you can see here.

My mother was born in 1915, and she was old enough to remember when showboats stopped along the part of the Ohio River where she lived.

UPDATE: Flickr user wvtowboater posted some pictures, too.

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tanstaafl said...

Hey, that's some neat pictures. Thanks.

So I guess my first thought was right, i.e., it has been about 30 years since I was last thee in Marietta. After posting, I talked with my wife and she recalls that we were there shortly after we returned from California and that was in 1979.

We had made a run up to Coolville, where we lived for a short while back in the late 1960's, and took in Forked Run State Park just below Hockingport, and decided to run on up to Marietta and see if some of my old drinking holes were still open. On the way we drove down by the Muskingum from Route 7 to the Ohio riverfront. And then dropped over into Williamstown to stop at Fenton, and on out Route 31 to WV 2 and back down WV2 to Huntington.

The only sad part was that I couldn't find the Rathskellar. Don't recall whether I just couldn't remember where it was located or it was not there. As I recalled it was on Route 21 but I couldn't spot it if it was.

My mother was born in 1913 here in Huntington and well remembered the showboats docking in Huntington.

Thanks again for the pictures--and the memories.