Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Delta Queen

Could the Delta Queen run the rivers again? Maybe, but it would have to go against some mighty strong currents. There is a labor fight involved, and the new operator would have to find enough business in this economy, particularly when people prefer oceans to rivers. But you never know.


tanstaafl said...

Unfortunately this attempt will end up like the last attempt--a union loving legislator will hold it up. It won't even get out of committee. I think the Queen has sailed on her last voyage. Sad to throw history away.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up the ship just yet. The Representative that has introduced an Amendment is a Democrat. Last year it was the Republicans against the Democrats. This year with a Democrat introducing it we should get more support. Now we just need to make sure the Republicans know this is not a partisan issue and vote yes like they did last year!!! CALL as many Representatives as you have time to call!!!!