Friday, November 27, 2009

Power plants at night

I was taking the kids to grandma's house the other night. As I crossed the Silver Memorial Bridge, I looked upriver and saw the Kyger Creek power plant all lit up. So on the way home, I made a side trip to get a photo.

That's the Kyger Creek power plant in the foreground and the Gavin plant in the background. The Gavin plant is the one with the cooling towers. They're about a mile apart, both along the Ohio River and Ohio 7 near Cheshire, Ohio. This photo was taken a few miles down the road at the bend in the river at Addison, Ohio.

I'm still learning nighttime photography with a digital camera. After I posted this picture on Facebook, a pro photographer who I formerly worked with gave me a couple of tips.

I took several pictures over the course of two nights. I'll probably use them to illustrate a piece I'm writing about coal-fired power plants.

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