Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where did summer go?

It's chilly and rainy here today. I wanted to find a nice summer Ohio River photo that had nothing to do with boats or bridges or dams. Instead, my eye fixed on this one from New Year's Day up at Point Pleasant WV, when a flock of Canada geese flew toward the Silver Memorial Bridge.

Spring is only three months away. Green hills, four. As Merle Haggard used to sing, if we can make it through December...

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tanstaafl said...

I was at the Barboursville Post Office the other day, about 11 am, I guess. I head a couple of geese honking and looked up. There were two groups, separated by about 150 yards, each had about twenty to twenty-five geese in it. They were flying west, I assumed toward Beech Fork.

When I crossed the bridge to Farmdale Road, there they all were, just landing, in the field where they always set up the fairs. I rolled down the window, and the honking was tremendous. As soon as they got on the ground, however, they were silent.

They settled near the riverbank at the back of the field and began eating.

Just another nice memory for the old man!