Friday, January 22, 2010

Cairo-area bridges noted

One of my favorite blogs is, a place where guys talk about the good and the bad of automotive history. I really like it when they take an old car -- such as my first, a Mustang II -- and talk about why its shortcomings make it such an object of desire.

Anyway, Car Lust Blog writer Chris Hafner has written an excellent piece praising the internal combustion engine. It's worth a read.

What makes that piece relative to this blog is this from the comments section, from a writer who calls himself That Car Guy:

The drive from St. Louis to Nashville is quite pleasant. I took I-55 South to Sykeston (sp?), then I-57 over to Charleston. From there, Hwy 60 to Wyckliffe, over what must be two of the most amazing, narrowest, hugest bridges of their type in the country, where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet. I did this last summer in the Miata with the top down, and the thrill of meeting a wide semi on those tight lanes, while about 100 feet above the waters, must be experienced to be believed.

I haven't been that far down the Ohio River since 1986, but I remember some narrow bridges down there. And I've seen enough photos on Flickr to tell me those bridges are still there.

Getting back down there is a priority once I find work and get some money in my pocket again.

P.S. I've toyed with the idea of a series called "Bridge Lust," where I write about my favorite bridges on the Ohio and its tributaries. It would include bridges I haven't seen or haven't seen n a long time, such as the one at Cairo.

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Henry M. said...

Been across both of them many times, very narrow & meeting a semi is exciting. The old bridge at Paducah is also narrow and tricky to drive. The old bridge at Cape was bad as well, but is now gone.