Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sorry, not possible

A month or so ago, Adam asked an interesting question: If Adam's dad (me) got a job on a towboat, could he (Adam) go along and be homeschooled while on the boat.

I had to tell him that would not be possible. Too bad. If we could do that, I'd learn to be a real cook. It would be an interesting life.

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michelle said...

Lol! At least he's willing to be stuck on a boat with dear old dad. That's gotta make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

More than a decade ago, I worked with a woman who had just left her job as cook on a boat, and she tried to get me to consider it for a job. She had only left because of her health, and did say that it was an interesting life, but that it was hard to get used to the time off when it came around. I have to say it was tempting...and if I hadn't gotten married, I would have seriously considered it.

Do the boats still run like that on the river? Seems like the traffic is so down, there wouldn't be a whole lot of boat cooks left. Wow, that was years ago, I guess I was just barely over twenty, twenty two maybe. Funny when you think back at the options not taken, ain't it?

Maybe you can convince Adam to become a boat pilot, and he can take you along during your retirement :) Tell him he owes you THAT much! lol