Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A train

I probably should post more pictures and stuff about railroads on this blog. Some of my favorite bridges around here (say, that sounds like a quick, in-and-out series) are railroad bridges, and I find myself paying attention to the trains I see along the river. And the Huntington-Ashland area is tied strongly to the rail industry.

Anyway, I saw this train last month on the CSX line along the Ohio River. In the old days, it was a B&O track before it went to the Chessie System and then to CSX.


michelle said...

Oh, I like that picture.

Hey, are those footprints between the tracks in front of the train?

ohio981 said...

Yes, they look like footprints. Odd as it may sound, the railroad track in that area may be the safest place for pedestrians. There's not much of a berm, and traffic is pretty heavy and pretty fast for a two-lane road with no room for error.

Granny Sue said...

Nice pic! Footprints in front of the train--spooky. Reminds me of some stories I've read.

ohio981 said...

I hate to admit it, but I didn't notice the footprints until Michelle pointed them out.