Sunday, February 7, 2010

Locomotives of 2009

I'm about to post a list of towboats and other river vessels that I photographed in 2009. Before that, allow me to put up a list of locomotives I shot last year. These locomotives were either crossing the Ohio River on a bridge or were running on a line along the river.

From what I hear, there are people as passionate about spotting every locomotive out there just as there are people who want to see every towboat. To them I say, here's my list, such as it is.

February: CSX 657, 538.

April: CSX 2294, 8974, 8078, 8802, 1552, 2231, 2457, 5436, 5257, 6246, 4802.

May: NS 9359, 8463.

June: NS 9442, 9193. CSX 7616.

July: CSX 8517.

Aug: 2656.

September: 2606, 9772.

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