Friday, February 26, 2010

O Trash, Where Art Thou?

A fellow who goes by the handle towboatin46 posts some pretty good river photos on his Flickr site here.

A day or two ago, he posted a photo of the Green River at the mouth of the Barren River in Kentucky. You can see it here. I post the link because I don't lift other people's pictures.

What struck me about this photo is the lack of old tires, milk jugs, Mountain Dew bottles, Bud Light bottles and cans and the other types of trash and refuse that you find along the banks of the Ohio River. Towboatin46 posted some other photos from along the Green River, and you see little if any trash in them, either, at least compared with what I'm used to seeing on the banks of the Ohio.

So here's a tip of my hat the people of Kentucky for keeping that trash out of the Green and Barren rivers, at least upstream of the spots where towboatin46 took his pictures. I sorely wish people in the Ohio River watershed upriver of Huntington WV would do the same.

But when you consider the vast amounts of litter you see along roads in this area, I'll have to wait a long time for that wish to come true.

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