Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uh oh

Someone sent a comment with the names of the six boats being pushed by the Evan Wharton. I thought I approved it, but I might have rejected it by mistake. That was half an hour ago, and I don't see it on any topics. Could whoever sent that comment please re-send the list?

Thank you.


Dangerous Dan said...

From http://www.waterwaysjournal.net/

Ohio River Salvage Company, LLC, Crescent, Pa. recently purchased eight vessels from American Commercial Lines that had been tied up for a long time at ACL’s fleet in Harahan, La. The boats range from 1,000 hp. to 1,400 hp. and from 29 to 42 years in age. They are the mvs. Cheryl Dobard, Evan Wharton, Big Daddy, Anita Domino, Tater Bug, Bud Weber, Pam D and Shannon Holston.
Jimmy Zubik Jr., president of Ohio River Salvage, said he bought the boats February 5 with the intention of fixing them up and either selling or keeping them, depending on the market. In any event, they would provide work for his shipyard, he said, which is located at Mile 7.5 on the Ohio River.
The flotilla arrived in Cairo, Ill., February 26 after having been brought upriver in a single tow by ACL’s vessel Frank Haendiges. It left Cairo March 1 in tow of the Evan Wharton, which Ohio River Salvage powered up for the trip to Pittsburgh….

Dangerous Dan said...

Here's a better link waterwaysjournal

Henry M. said...

Cheryl Dobard was left in Paducah for repairs, subsequently sold to McGiness / Excell and renamed Garry Lacey.