Wednesday, April 14, 2010

26 boats, 400 photos

If you want to see interior and exterior shots of 26 different towboats, head on over to Towboat Photography by C.R. Neale.

There are about 400 photos in all. They kept my river-loving son entertained for a while  yesterday, I know that.


Oh, and Neale has a couple of nice nighttime photos of the new Crounse towboat Linda Reed on his Flickr photostream. You can see them here and here.


Anonymous said...

ok thought # 1 - these are great pics! the novice in me would like to know why there is no wheel? what kind of boat has no steering wheel? so, i really am a novice..

thought # 2 what do i need to do to get a job as a cook? it would be wonderful to work in some of those kitchens! i suspect that feeding the crew well is a top priority for the company. I am 50 , and i have not outgrown the dream of "running away to sea" even if the "sea" happens to be the ohio river, i suspect that it would be pretty exciting!

Unknown said...

Glad you and Adam enjoyed all of my interior shots, and thanks for posting a link to let others know about them too. There will definitely be more added in the future!!