Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beaver-Monaca railroad bridge

The railroad bridge over the Ohio River between Beaver and Monaca PA turns 100 next month. A story in the Beaver County Times about the bridge is here. A really good photo by Flickr user "artistic pursuits" is here.

The 90 miles of Ohio River between Pittsburgh and Wheeling contains a number of amazing old bridges. Some are historic, and some are merely old and scary. It's been almost 11 years since I was up that way last. Now that I've gone digital, I really want to get up there and shoot some of those bridges, such as the old one at Steubenville OH, before they come down.

Even better would be shooting them on a boat at sunrise or sunset.

For decades, I've enjoyed shooting bridges and dam, along with riverboats. I have a lot of pictures in  my archives, but there are thousands more to shoot. Too many angles, too little time, too little money.


Dangerous Dan said...

That bridge reminds me of the huge steel truss members of another notable bridge to the west of you at Sciotoville, OH. Here's a link


Henry M. said...

The town is Monaca, not Monaco. Lived there long ago...

ohio981 said...

Sorry about that. It's been corrected.