Thursday, April 22, 2010

Which is "better"?

What you see above are two versions of the same photo. That's the mv. Linda Reed seen after it had passed under the East End bridge at Huntington, W.Va., Thursday evening. One person in my household likes the full-frame shot. One person likes the close-in crop. This person asked me to put both versions on the blog and ask people which they prefer.

So here they are.


michelle said...

"Better" how? That's tricky.

Personally, and this is just me, while the top shot is good, what catches the eye the most is the bridge...and it is a pretty bridge, but (this will sound dumb) I'd call that more a waiting room picture, if you know what I mean.

The second one, however, has so much detail to look at that it would be hard to just sit in a chair and look at it. It makes you want to get closer and get a good look at the details.

So I'd pick the second one (plus the closer pictures of the bridge cables are just really cool for some reason), because it begs for more than a glance.

But that's JUST MY OPINION, so everyone in your family is STILL right...depending on who you ask :)

Miss Katie Liz said...

I like the first one better. Better composition.

Dangerous Dan said...

The first with the bridge tower fully shown. Why? I don't know, it just seems a better picture and displays the dichotomy of the river as both a hindrance (the need to bridge it) and a means of transportation.


tanstaafl said...

I think the second is best.

With it I get to see the detail of the bridge in the background, whereas with the first, I see the bridge in its totality and that becomes the object of the picture.