Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A good day

Yesterday was a pretty good day river-wise for me and Adam.

First, we took his older brother to grandmother's house to spend a few days. On the way there, we stopped at the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam and found the mv. Paula Ruble in the lower approach.

Later, I went to a ridge to get the Ruble rounding a bend.

Then I found myself at the Gallipolis, Ohio, parkfront where some young Canada geese were feeding on the grass.

On the way home, Adam and I stopped at the dam again when we saw the mv. Chuck Zebula waiting to lock through downbound. We got some photos of the boat leaving the locks. Then we drove to the end of the fishing access road to get a final photo or two, and the fun started. The Zebula parked itself at a couple of mooring cells. We walked the river bank getting some more photos. As we were leaving, I speculated that maybe the boat was there waiting for more barges to make an oversize tow. Sure enough, here came the mv. Nell with 13 more barges to add to the Zebula's existing tow of 15 barges. This 28-barge tow is the largest I have seen on the Ohio River. I had heard that companies will be pushing oversize tows this summer. I have no idea if it's an experiment or the start of a long-term practice.

Too bad we had to leave the Zebula and the Nell because of other commitments.

Yes, it was a good day river-wise. Not the best day. But a good day.


Dangerous Dan said...

28 barges! I'd like to see that as the most I've seen was 18 upbound. I was crossing Ironton-Russell bridge at the time so I didn't get a chance to see the name of the boat.

I need to slow down and spend some more time watching the river. It's just down the street from me so there's not much excuse not to. :-)


Anonymous said...

As I mention before in a comment,you will see up to 30 barge tows this summer.30 barge tows will be emptys,most of them up-bound in the Meldahl Pool
Some 20-25 barge tows(loaded)will move south from Huntington.(with helper boats at Greenup).

ohio981 said...

Yeah, Anon, your earlier comment crossed my mind as I was wondering why the Zebula stopped where it did. I don't get down to the Meldahl much. I haven't seen many oversized tows here in the Greenup and RCByrd pools, where I normally wander.