Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five images

Here are five images from recent weeks along the banks of the Ohio River.

First, a bird in a tree. I assume it's a woodpecker, but someone made off with my field guide to North American birds.

I really need to buy me a 300 mm lens one of these decades.

Second, a boat, a bridge and some fishermen. What more do you need for a river photo?

I might have cropped this one a little too tight, but I wanted to focus on the three people you can see.

Two newer boats passing at Kenova, W.Va.., with South Point, Ohio, in the background. Actually, the Buckeye State is passing the Detroit, which is dropping off barges at South Point.

And here's one of the oldest working boats I see regularly. I hope I look as good on the outside when I'm 65 that the Fred Way does now.


Henry M. said...

LST-325 is on her way to Pittsburgh, passed Louisville this morning. Stopping in Wheeling on her way up and Marietta on her way back.

Anonymous said...

The bird in the tree is a Yellow-shafted Flicker" and is a male bird. Page 576 of the National Audubon Society field guide. Keep up the good work,I check your site each day!