Saturday, November 20, 2010

Contrast in Catlettsburg

One of my favorite spots along the Ohio River is Virginia Point Park at Kenova, W.Va., where the Big Sandy River empties into the Ohio. Whenever I go to the park, this usually catches my eye as I look across the Big Sandy at Catlettsburg, Ky.

Every time I look at this scene, I think of how the idea of community has changed in my lifetime. The church steeple to me represents people in a geographic area gathering at one spot. It could be a church, a country store, a park or a similar place. Now, kids communicate through their cell phones, and a lot of us adults form communities with people we might never meet face-to-face through the Internet.

But you know, the new reinforces the old, too. There are a lot of people I knew once who have moved away, and I can keep in touch with them thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook. So it's not so much of an old vs. new as you might think.

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