Saturday, November 13, 2010

From the Kodachrome archives: The 1980s

So I was digging through my old slides again. I found these and figured I'd scan them and put them up here in case they drew out any memories. I was surprised how dark some of these images that are 25 years old and older were, and how out-of-focus some were. But I made them passable, I think.

So here we go ...

I'm pretty sure this photo is the newest of the group. It was taken at the old Gogolein (?) coal tipple a few miles below Gallipolis, Ohio, at the lower end of the community of Clipper Mills. That's the Omar of Ohio River Co. downbound. This picture wast taken in late September or early October of 1985.

This, I think, is the H.R. LeBar of M/G Tramsport Services. It has since been acquired by Ingram Barge and renamed the Craig E. Philip. I have several photos of this boat under its old name and colors and its new.

And this is probably the J. Page Hayden of M/G, now the Jerry Tinkey of Ingram.

Here is, I think, the R. H. O'Neill of American Commercial Barge Line.

Finally, one of my old favorites, the Aetna-Louisville of Ashland Oil. Now it works in South America.

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