Thursday, November 11, 2010

Summer fun, abandoned

It's around noon on a November day along the Ohio River. In a few weeks the area will look really brambly. That's the word the guy who drew "Calvin and Hobbes" used to describe his native Ohio in November.

But here, today, along the river, a few signs of summer persist. Some trees hold on to their leaves. And this rope swing, which I assume was used to swing out into the Ohio River backwater at the mouth of this creek so the person could let go and swim, hangs unused. It's a big rope, the kind used on the boats that push barges up and down the river.

At this moment, the river is quiet and reflective. And so am I.

I got several shots of different things today while trying to do something other than shop for groceries. I'll put them up tonight or tomorrow as time allows.

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RiversRme said...

I enjoy your photos and comments. I too love the Ohio River and travel it often in my boat, in fact I have traveled the entire length of it. Keep up the good work.