Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marathon is looking for deckhands

I don't know what goes on individual companies, and I don't read the print versions of newspapers outside a certain radius of Huntington, W.Va., where I live, but I do get to wondering sometimes.

For the past several weeks, Marathon Petroleum has been running display ads (which can't be cheap) in the Huntington newspaper at least advertising for deckhands. The ads say the company needs people to work on its big boats -- the ones where you're on 28 days and off 28 days. Whether they're also looking for people to work the boats that pretty much stick to the Catlettsburg harbor, I don't know.

Adam has asked me why I haven't applied. I have to tell him that I'm in my 50s now and not suited anymore to the physical demands of that job. You have to carry some heavy stuff. Now if I could cook ...

Anyway, Marathon says it's accepting applications until Jan. 21. So if you know anyone who wants to give it a try, check out

This is in no way an advertisement for Marathon or an encouragement for people to apply. I'm just reporting what I'm seeing and commenting on same -- nothing more. Comments wanting to praise Marathon as the greatest place to work or criticize it for being the worst ever will not be approved.


Anonymous said...

I just got hired and almost finished with my fourth week. It does seem to be a good job, but hard to get on. They are HUGE on safety. It is the number one most important issue and they don't tolerate any unsafe work practices. They also have a zero tolerance for drug use. They do hair testing, a COMPLETE physical (hearing, vision, EKG, etc), physical agility test, and so on. You also have to pass a written test. About 80% failed the last one, so brush up on your math/geometry/fractions.

Anonymous said...

What is the pay like and is there a sign on bonus