Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kayaking down the Ohio

A fellow named Brett Ciccotelli is kayaking down the Monongahela, Ohio and Mississippi rivers from about 25 miles above Pittsburgh to New Orleans. His stated purpose is "to document the impact of energy, in particular coal, on that watershed and its communities."

His most recent entry as of this morning have him on the Ohio at about Mile 46. You can read his travels here.

And he's posting photos he takes on his Flickr photostream.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised this is on your blog,I would not give this guy the time of day.This guy does not love the river as most of us on this site.I've spent all my life on the river (69 years) and it's much cleaner now then it was 50 years ago. He is makeing a fool of himself. I do wish him a safe trip,what else can I say

ohio981 said...

Agree with him or disagree, he is coming down the river, and he is trying to draw attention to something. And sooner or later, a legacy media outlet -- newspaper, tv, whatever -- is going to find him and interview him.

I have e-mailed him to request a meeting when he gets to my area. So far I've not heard back.

Yes, I know a lot of people who read this blog make a living pushing coal barges. But, if they're on the upper end of the river this week and see Mr. Ciccotelli paddling down the river, they will know who he is and what he is doing.

Unknown said...

He overnight-ed in Wheeling and is making his way through the Hannibal pool today. I was out earlier but didn't spot him anywhere on the river during my trip up and back from Wheeling.

Unknown said...

He stayed in Wheeling last night and got interviewed by WTRF ch-7.