Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lots of boats today

It must be because the Ohio River is going down instead of up, but we saw a lot of boats today.

We saw the AEP Future at Kenova, W.Va. We also saw the Hoosier State at Point Pleasant, and I got the Detroit at Cheshire. And the Ocie Clark lightboat at Point Pleasant. Adam shot the Oliver C. Shearer through my open car window, and we saw the Lelia C. Shearer (we think) at a distance, but no photo. We saw the D.A. Grimm lightboat running from Henderson up to the dock at about Mile 263; no photo. I saw the Ocie Clark there, too, before I saw it at Point. After weeks of slim pickings, we saw a lot of them today.

Photos coming later.

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Melissa Marks said...

When I was little we swam in the river and many people were baptized in it's waters. My grandfather was a captain on the river. Love the pictures.