Tuesday, May 24, 2011

These old eyes

I needed Adam's eyes this morning.

I went into downtown Huntington to pick up something I needed for work before I went into the office. I took two minutes to go to Harris Riverfront Park to see if any boats were going by, and I saw the Jerry Tinkey upbound. I stood there thinking about how it was an old M/G boat when I looked down the river and not two tow lengths behind it was a boat I didn't recognize. It looked like a St. Louis Ship boat, but I couldn't make out the name. It looked like it had an ADM logo on the stacks and an ARC logo or something on one of the lower decks, but I couldn't make out the name on the nameboard. The name was two words, the second of which may have started with a "D".

I didn't have my camera to get a shot and zoom in on the photo. And I didn't have Adam with me. His eyes could have read the nameboard with no problem.

Later, after checking vessel locations and Dick's Towboat Gallery, I figured out that the mystery boat was the Prairie Dawn. I wish I'd had my camera, as I don't have a photo of it.

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