Monday, June 6, 2011

Stuff to do

Pictures are backing up.

First are some that I shot today while working on a story for this week's State Journal.

And last night I found a couple of photos that one of my brothers took of the Sprague on a trip up the Ohio River in the 1960s or thereabouts. If I still worked at my place of former employment, I could check the old clip files and get an estimate of the date, as I recall seeing a photo of the Sprague being pushed past Ironton, Ohio.

From my brother's photos of the  Sprague, it looked like it was being pushed by a boat resembling the Fred Way. But the photo is old, and it was taken with consumer-level camera and film of that time.

If anyone has any information the last trip of the Sprague up the Ohio or a good link, feel free to forward it as I get those pictures ready to post on here.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure about the Sprague on the Ohio in the 60's. I think the Sprague burned in Vicksburg, Miss in the mid 50's.

ohio981 said...

According to, the Sprague was decommissioned in 1948. It burned in 1974,and the remains of its hull were dynamited in 1981.