Saturday, July 23, 2011

R.E. Burger and driveby photography

Don't you hate cruising along on a four-lane highway and seeing a great shot, knowing that if you stop, get out of the car, try to cross the road and set up the shot that it will be gone?

That happened to me Monday as I neared Moundsville, W.Va., on Route 2 and saw the Mary Artie Brannon passing the R.E. Burger power plant. I had my wide-angle lens on the camera, so I rolled down the window and snapped the shutter a half dozen times. I watched the road, of course, and hoped I got everything I needed in the picture.

Lucky for me there was no other traffic on the road at the time, but I figured that if I stopped, it might be a long time before I sat in the car again.

This is the cropped version of my best shot.

And here's the Burger plant as seen from the riverside park in Moundsville.

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