Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One day, lots of boats

Here are some photos Adam and I got the other day. There are a lot of them, so words will be at a minimum.

The M/V Tennessee at 311 fleet. That's the Darrell L in the background. I don't know the name of the boat assisting the Tennessee.

The Robin B. Ingram. It looks almost identical to the R. Clayton McWhorter, but Adam says the McWhorter is a lot nicer looking.

The Robin B. Ingram passing the M/V New Dawn, which is over at the McGinnis dock waiting for something.

Derrick Float 545. What happened to numbers 1 through 544 I have no idea.

The Darrell L downbound.

The Merdie Boggs delivery boat overtaking the M/V Bob Koch.

The New Dawn. This might be the first time I've shot a Viking from the front when it had no barges.

The M/V Prairie Dawn arrives as a hole in the clouds opens, allowing the sun to come through.

The M/V Claudia Harold

The Mark S as seen sideways.

The Bridget Caulley

The Bridget Caulley closest, with the Prairie Dawn behind it and the New Dawn in the distance.

So I like barges.

The M/V Earl Franklin

I don't know who this fellow on the Caulley is talking to.

Making a delivery.

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